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A creative person.

Bugra Atici

A creative person, solving communication challenges, through visual assets.

I am a multi-disciplinary graphic designer bringing expertise in creative concept building, visual executions, and finishing touches for projects of all sizes. 

Pick one of the boo-ruh's below, or scroll through all and see which one can help you take your project to the next level.

the Designer

I design. It's simple as that. Sometimes it's new campaign for a tech giant worth billions, and other times it's a new piece for my son's broken toy out of a toothpick. No matter what it is, I am determined to fix what needs to be solved.

the 3D Artist

I build, texture, render, and more. Seeking an impactful product shot or a more compelling way to communicate an idea? By blending CGI skills with a conceptual approach, I strive to up your game in this competitive world. 

the Retoucher

I bring the finishing touch. I have an eye for the little details. Sure, everyone can somewhat see them, but not everyone can put a name to it, and they end up going "meh..." looking at some images. I know why it may feel "meh" most of the time, and I excel at transforming it into a "WOW!"